Civil Interior & Construction

We also undertake the best interior designers, where we can guide our client to make the most of the space available. By utilising the space where we think to raise a wall or to break it down. Also where the latest material in the interior would be made available and used for the beautification of the site. Using of different type and kind of material like stone, marbles, granite, natural and artificial cladding products such as shear boards, paver blocks tiles, etc. for site beautification.

The thing about interior contractors is very subjective as in what appeals to you may not appeal to others. This is very important to find an interior designer who is able to partner your vision and idea. Their idea is able to add value to your plan of execution.

We are Civil Interior Contractors and Civil Maintenance Company. We commit ourselves to fulfil our client’s needs by consistently meeting the client’s requirements and the client expectation through Quality Construction, Timely completion and the most important is by providing After Sales Service of our clients.

We have also included the state of art technology in the execution of our work to the clients, which also helps to enhance the speed of the project, by which we save time and money.

The important part of any civil interior company is the Maintenance.

Here are some types of maintenance.

Maintenance inspection

We perform inspections, evaluations, and diagnostics based on specified standards of the client, in order to ensure their satisfaction, prevent to have any sort of damage and always maintain their structures in good condition. The results are maintained to also see whether there is an effective utilization in the maintenance and repair plans.

Maintenance management.

Maintenance management is the technical supervision required to ensure that operations progress is smooth, such as by providing technical support related to the placement of orders of furniture, painting and different other equipment that may require while repairing.

Construction management

Construction management is the supervision and inspection, including the confirmation of improvement and repair work. Also keep a track on order placement and cost estimate, the confirmation with the client of the repair and construction work conditions for changes, etc.

Quality management

Quality management is designed to improve the safety and reliability of work through inspections and guidance used to perform quality management for construction work of the client.

There is some site in which they require construction demolition services. So that it can have a professional outlook and in an organized way. That will make us work from scratch, so we can implement your vision in the house. It’s our work to make it quite easy to implement the outlook you are looking for.