Maintenance Contractor

We have commercially established one of the modern and most inspiring interior design. The important thing is the quality and design which is always asked by the client and delivered by us. The interior design that will suit the client vision is given. The clients keep on giving out ideas because they want to have the best. The charging of the service completely depends on the criteria of the service they need. There are various maintenance services given by us. The maintenance services given by us are electrical maintenance services, society maintenance services, plumbing maintenance and many more.

Society maintenance services in Pune

A housing society maintenance is meant to make the society look beautiful for the residents, like beautiful lawns, clubhouse, swimming pool, community centre and designing many more amenities which creates a full living experience for families. Moreover, there are much other responsibility and different task that one must be aware of the maintenance society. Design Executors also see into different services like plumbing maintenance services, carpenters, waterproofing.

Electrical maintenance services in Pune

o Voltage regulators

o Breaker panels

o Grounding and overcurrent protection

o Motor controls

o Switches and switchgear

o Wiring distribution and terminations

o Ground Fault Circuit Breakers (GFCI)

o Lamp and ballast replacement

o Fluorescent lighting

o Recessed lighting

o Security lighting

o Track lighting

Painting contractor’s & carpenters in Pune

The homeowners take a leap of faith when hiring an interior painting contractor. What do I know about the painters in my home? Will I be able to communicate with them? Do I have to stay home all day to watch them? Will they deliver on what they have promised? These are the type of questions that runs in your mind but we can assure you that the result will be good and have a positive experience delivered by a trained and knowledgeable crew who are courteous, friendly and efficient. You’ll find clear communication, starting with our office staff and estimators to your project foreman, a work area kept tidy and clean at the end of each day, and our guarantee you’ll be delighted with the results.

Industrial maintenance contractors in Pune

Industrial Maintenance Technicians see to the install, repair and maintain commercial or industrial machinery in buildings, a plant, or a manufacturing setting. Our technicians ensure all machines function properly through troubleshooting and preventative maintenance service.